The race of life is to rise and to flower
To flourish and to thrive
All whilst we live peacefully together
We Are One
Join us on an extraordinary journey
and discover a new world

We Are One

WE  ARE ONE was inspired as a Conversation, a Poem. The passages are a conversation between 2 beings, one a human and the other akin to an Elder.
WE ARE ONE is a reflection on the year 2020.  WE ARE ONE encapsulates different topics – Humanity, Equality, Climate Change, Animal Rights, Trust, Hope & Inspiration. It acknowledges the current imbalance in our planet and in our lives. We must no longer live in ignorance, but from the heart. 

 WE ARE ONE invites you on a journey and asks you to reflect and choose to be better for each other and ourselves.  

One Earth, One Family, 
Let’s Try.

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A poignant and powerful reflection on the year 2020.
A poem inspired as a conversation.

WE ARE ONE is an impactful read for all ages.

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